Sunday, 22 February 2015

Song Min Ji & Shin Jin Gyeoung ; Our volcano

First, we cut the picture of a vocano. And put the puzzles on the right place. Then we made a volcano. We covered the bottle with mix, and put the hot water, baking soda, vinegar in the bottle. And the volcano erupted!!!

Yunjeong& Seon ju OUR VOLCANO

U jin and Ryeong eun our Volcano

last Tuesday U jin and Ryeong made a volcano

we have meterial pet bottle, flour,vinegar,soda, water, bowl and paint
for made volcano

last time we made volcano
volcano make way
1st. we dough with flour,warm water and oli
2nd. we mix dough and paint
3nd. stick finish dough pet bottle

this finish making volcano

now we have experimentation time
experimental stage
1st. finish volcano put the hot water
2nd. put the soda and vinegar
3nd. volcanic explosion!!!!!

making volcano very interesting and fun
but it's smell not good
it's was very fun experimetaion^@^

Da hyeon and Chan bi

Chan Bi & Da Hyeon our volcano

This is my volcano. When I make it very hard.But very funny.This volcano smell is very very very bad.vinegar smell is not good.


Su young & Ye won OUR VOLCANO

Ki sun hwa & KIm da bin Our Volcano

We made a volcano It was very fun!!!
But the smell was very bad and our handswere very dirty.

Kim dabin & Ki sunhwa OUR VOLCANO

This is our volcano. It makes very fun and interesting!
But that's smell is very bad and terrible.
This time I know volcano's detail name!
Now I'm able to search the Internet about volcano!